Brain / Body Chiropractic


Communication is the foundation of good health.  All parts of the body must communicate in a concise and clear way to deliver the signals that allow your body to heal and maintain optimum health.

The first part of the Brain / Body adjustment will address the communication signals between your brain and the rest of your body.  When these signals are weak this leaves the corresponding areas more vulnerable to dysfunction.  When the brain signals are strong this promotes healing and also helps your adjustment to last longer.   We will specifically address the brain communication to: all of the organ systems, all of the muscles, metabolic function, and any special areas of need.


The second part of the Brain / Body adjustment will address spinal subluxation.  Spinal subluxation is a vertebral joint that has become restricted in its natural range of motion.  This produces pain and inflammation in the area and often referral pain to other areas.  It also reduces nerve communication to the corresponding body areas.  Releasing the restricted subluxation relieves pain and promotes healing wherever the exiting nerves go.  This increases communication and function from everything to the immune system to the digestive system and more.

Joints in the upper and lower extremities will be assessed and adjusted as needed.

The Brain / Body adjustment is an excellent choice to relieve body pain and dysfunction.  Because of its  multi functional approach it is also an excellent choice to maintain and support overall wellness and health.  Regular adjusting will yield the most optimum results.


Dr. Jake Oliver Atchley

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