Invincible Detox

Powerful Detox on 3 Levels

Heavy metals and other toxins have been linked to many diseases and pain, including type 2 diabetes.  Getting them out of the deep tissues of the body requires expert knowledge. That knowledge can be yours.

Session #1  What is the difference between a cleanse & Detox?

Session #2  Why is safe & effective detox important?

Session #3  What are toxins and how are we exposed to them?

Session #4 What are the best tests for heavy metals?

Session #5  What True Binders are and why detox won't work without them.

Session #6 What are the 3 phases of detox?

Session #7 What supplements go with each of the 3 phases?

Session #8 Diet for detox.

Session #9 Detox Trouble shooting.

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