Dr. Jake Atchley

Dr. Jake Atchley is a graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic and also holds a bachelors degree in human biology.

He has been studying and enjoying bringing people to health with functional medicine since 1993.  

In 2007 while backpacking in the Grand Canyon he dropped his water bottle in a "mule puddle."  Even though he disinfected the bottle he experienced a health collapse that did not respond to his functional medicine roots or to any other type of medicine either.

At the five week mark he was unable to keep down solid food or liquids.  He finally met a master Chinese herbalist that was able to provide him with herbs that allowed him to begin to eat small amounts.  What he did not know at that time was that he was going to lose 2 years of his life to an illness that to this day remains undiagnosed.  That illness took not only his health, but also all of his finances, as well as, his relationship.  Because of this experience he began to search for answers that eventually lead him to Dr. Danial Pompa and a group of doctors that practice teaching their clients a multi therapeutic approach that gets to the underlying cause of chronic illness.

Jake now enjoys full health and vitality and is passionately teaching others.

He currently lives in Hawaii and teaches his clients virtually all over the country.

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